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3T® Dermaho

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Dermaho: Enriched shampoo & Tri-protein conditioner

3T Natural Enriched Shampoo

Dermaho Enriched Shampoo contains variety of flower extract and wheat protein, and is suitable for various types of hair. It can help repair dry hair, maintain hair moisture, and improve hair strength and flexibility. Dermaho Shampoo can also help prevent hair loss and gray hair, and is also relief itching and flakes.

3T Tri-Protein Conditioner

Tri-Protein conditioner is composed of a rich mixture of rice, corn, and barley protein, providing deep conditioning down to the hair roots and is suitable for various hair types. After using Dermaho Shampoo, immediately use the conditioner on the hair and leave it on for 3 minutes before rinsing. The combined use of both shampoo and conditioner could help repair dry hair, and promote a healthy shine and texture to your hair.


  ===Products<===>Oculax===>One Series

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